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From the Des Moines MPO website:

Transportation planning is a key activity of the DMAMPO as we are always working to improve the region's transportation system.

The TTC's recommended list of project goes to the Des Moines Area MPO and its STP Funding Subcommittee for review and funding recommendation.

Taken from the Des Moines MPO in Touch newsletter of October 2007:

Federal Fiscal Year 2012 Surface Transportation Program (STP) applications

New Roadway

• Ankeny – NE 18th Street Overpass  NE Delaware Avenue across Interstate 35 and Four Mile Creek;

Apparently the Des Moines MPO does have something to do with the NE 18th Street Overpass project and the approval of funding for the project.

The following is taken from the MPO’s “Surface Transportation Program Funding Application”:


3.    If a jurisdiction/agency’s STP or STP TE funded project does not make satisfactory progress, does not obligate the STP or STP TE funds provided within the year those funds were authorized by the MPO and noted for that project as previously documented, then the MPO may cancel the remaining STP or STP TE funding for that project and return those STP or STP TE funds for inclusion in the next fiscal year’s STP or STP TE funding allocation for projects. Such action to cancel project funding shall be based on the following criteria:

a. The MPO strongly believes it necessary to maintain rapid turnover of funds and implementation of specific projects so as not to jeopardize the loss of any funding.

b. The MPO strongly encourages jurisdictions/agencies to have at least preliminary project plans completed prior to submitting a project for the MPO’s consideration for funding.

c. The MPO strongly believes that such a stipulation shall cause jurisdictions/agencies to provide better and more accurate project cost estimates and detailed traffic and engineering data, enabling both the TTC and the MPO to evaluate a project’s feasibility in a more detailed manner.

Apparently the Des Moines MPO is interested in the accuracy of engineering data and a projects feasibility after all.  Well, at least sometimes.

Please contact the Des Moines MPO and urge them to resolve the issues surrounding the NE 18th Overpass and not allow the City of Ankeny to apply for federal funding for a project that does not appear to be feasible and that proposes the illegal act of breaking numerous county ordinances.

Contact Tom Kane at this email address.
The Des Moines MPO Webstie can be found here.

Download a detailed document discussing the illegality & feasibility of the NE 18th Overpass here.